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Global Impact

Fashion is a billion-dollar industry. The manufacturing, development, production, and distribution all involve the exploitation of things such as labor, energy, water, etc. Suslove endorses fair trade, 100% certified organic, hemp, renewable energy, and various other eco-friendly forms of fashion production. Even our packaging and shipping is, to the best of our ability, comprised of eco-friendly materials.

Here at  S U S L O V E , our vision is fast-paced, forward-thinking, and eco-friendly at its core. All of our products reflect these ideals. We invite you to learn more about why sustainable fashion is the way to go!

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Meet the Team

Learn a little more about the faces behind SUSLOVE. ♡


Alexis Whelan

Founder & Owner

" There's always going to be a reason why you should go with the more convenient option, the trending option, the fashionable option. I created SUSLOVE because I wanted to combine all the appealing aspects of fashion into one option: the ethical option. There's so much information about the damage being done in the world yet very little on how others can do their part. With SUSLOVE, you can choose to be stylish, but more importantly, choose to love. Everyone. Everything. " - Alexis

Alexis Riley

Partner & Social Media Coordinator

" Sustainable fashion is the future. Fashion is one of the largest polluting industries and a change is long overdue. I personally feel a lot better wearing ethically-sourced or upcycled clothes. I love the mission Suslove is on- not only to provide ethical and eco-friendly fashion but also our mission to be inclusive of all people regardless of shape, size, color, etc. We're only about to scratch the surface of this market and I think we can reach for the stars! " - Alexis

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You Asked, We Answered

About: FAQ

Do you only ship to Canada

We ship both domestically and internationally!

What makes your clothes sustainable?

Our clothes are made with a combination of sustainable materials like 100% organic cotton and recycled textiles. Our Clothes are also dyed using non-toxic dyes! Most importantly all Suslove garments are produced using 100% ethical labour!

Will some garments be made with bamboo cloth?

At this time, we don't use bamboo for environmental reasons. We do, however, use 100% organic cotton, hemp, and certified fair trade and upcycled fabrics and textiles with non-toxic dyes.

What is a "drop"?

Suslove releases clothes in collections at a time or "drops" at intermittent times throughout the year. Thus, the clothing will not be available year-round - only at the time of the drop until the products sell out.

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