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Why Shop With Us?

Suslove is more than a clothing brand, we are part of a movement that collectively aims to treat our planet and all of its inhabitants with kindness.

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Ethical Statement

Here at Suslove we believe in putting our planet first and business second. It is our responsibility as inhabitants of this lovely planet, to take care of the Earth and our non-human neighbors. The impact of fast fashion and the fashion industry in general has had a massive impact on our planet. Suslove, along with our slow fashion and small business counterparts are doing our part to change this industry for the better.


The Suslove team has spent hours researching to find the most sustainable options and the best quality clothing for you all. We further our commitment to sustainability by using eco-friendly packaging and reducing our impact on landfills. Keep scrolling for some fast fashion facts and information on our own manufacturing process.​ ♡  

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Manufacturing and Sustainability


Fair Trade

Suslove is proud to say that all of our apparel is ethically made in Canadian shops. The beautiful humans who make your clothes are paid fair wages and all textiles used to produce our clothing are ethically sourced. Our wholesale partner guarantees a 100% ethical and sweatshop free manufacturing process.

 Materials and Manufacturing

All of our garments are made using a series of sustainable materials such recycled and/or organic cotton, grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals. Furthermore, all dyes used are 100% non-toxic. As a majority of our clothing is made within Canada our transport costs and carbon emissions are significantly reduced. All of our products are made on state-of the-art knitting machines that reduce energy consumption and our wholesaler's facility is almost completely waste-free as all textiles and fabrics are recycled and plastic consumption is limited.

Colored Yarn

Diversity and Inclusion

Here at Suslove we believe in showcasing the natural and expansive beauty of all humans, no matter your shape, size, colour, ability, religion, expression or otherwise. The Suslove team makes every effort to be inclusive when choosing our models. With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic our model pool has been limited, but when we are finally able to return to normalcy, we plan to expand commitment to diversity. Along with our models, Suslove is planning on expanding our size selection to make our brand more accessible.

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The carbon footprint of one new shirt is greater than driving a car for 35 miles

Fast fashion is the second largest consumer of our water supply. A single cotton t-shirt uses over 700 gallons of water to produce from farm to finish. This is the amount of water an average person consumes over 3 years.

It takes a CEO from one of the top five fashion brands just 4 days to earn the same amount a Bangladeshi garment worker will earn over their lifetime. Only 2% of the approximately 75 million people who make our clothes earn a living wage.

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The fashion industry is responsible for 10 % of annual global carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined and remains the second largest industrial polluter, second only to oil

Producers of fast fashion consume nearly 70 million barrels of oil a year in just the production of polyester fiber and dump 1.7 million tons of dyeing chemicals into the environment. The industry also goes through an estimated 1.5 to 2.4 trillion gallons of fresh water a year

Conventional cotton accounts for 25% of the global use of artificial pesticides but covers only 3% of the farmland

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Community Engagement

Suslove strongly believes in giving back to our community and helping to shape strong and environmentally conscious communities. To start, we have partnered with local brands and collectives and have fundraised for charities such as EcoSpark for Earth Week! We hope to continue our community endeavors into the future.

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